Here at Joe's Country Corner, our ideas are really GROWING!  In January of 2019 we learned that our favorite local Florist would no longer be doing business.  Knowing our area needs this type of service, we are doing our best to grow into this area.  Beginning immediately, we will be able to provide you with a large selection of indoor potted foliage and blooming plants.   By Valentine's Day we will be set up for further floral services, including local delivery.  Our selection will need to be limited in the beginning as we work on getting everything set up, but we will do our best to provide the exceptional quality you are used to receiving at our already established greenhouse and garden center.   We look forward to the opportunity to bring you something new as we continue the business we have already built.  Please bear with us throughout the changes.  Our pet food and bird feeding supplies will be moving to the back shed for backup and load service.  And believe it or not, very soon we will be beginning to plant for your Spring and Summer enjoyment!  We hope to see you soon to watch our progress.    Joe and Lori