Hobby Farm

At Joe’s Country Corner our goal is to provide an assortment of feed and supplies for all hobby farm enthusiasts to choose from, based on individual needs.
We are open to suggestions and we will try our best to fulfill requests.
Currently, we are keeping the following items in stock.

Joe's Country Corner will have baby birds again in the spring!
Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Keats
Call or stop in to place your special order!
  • Chicks
  • Duckings
  • Goslings
  • Mixed_ Chicks
  • Sicilian_Chick
  • Silver_Polish_Chicks

Horse Feed

Beet Pulp
Beet Pulp with Molasses
Oats-bin run, cleaned, or Race Horse-triple cleaned
Prince Brand Thrifty 13 Horse Sweet Feed
Prince Brand 16% Sweet Horse Feed
Special Blend created by Marathon Feed Animal Nutritionists (upon customer special request)
Alfalfa Cubes
Redmond Rock Horse Mineral......Redmond Equine    redmondequine.com
Chaffhaye Alfalfa Bales
3rd Crop Alfalfa
Trace Mineral Blocks
Salt Blocks
Trace Mineral Salt Blocks with Selenium..... Equi-Therapy

"The Midwest is very deficient in selenium thus all forages and grains grown here are deficient as well.  All horses should receive supplemental selenium in not only the Midwest, but the majority of the country."
Doctor's Choice Supplements...... Equi-Shine

Poultry Feed

Chicken Feed - Layer Crumbles
Chicken Feed - Layer Mash
Chicken Feed - Pullet Grower
Chicken Feed - Chick Starter
Organic Chicken Feed
Poultry Cherry Grit
Scratch Feed
Pheasant Feed - Grower (Medicated)
Turkey Feed (Medicated or Non-Medicated)
Corn - cracked, rolled or whole
Oats - bin run, cleaned, or triple-cleaned
Purina Flock Block....Purina
Oyster Shells

We Also Have:

Goat Feed

Prince Brand Feed
Trace Mineral Salt Blocks Selenium........Goat Biology
Dried Kelp.......Acadian Seaplants

Sheep Feed

Sheep Mineral
Dried Kelp.......Acadian Seaplants

Pig Feed

Prince Brand Pig Pellets
Oats - Bin Run, cleaned, or Triple-Cleaned
Corn-Whole, Cracked, or Rolled
Dried Kelp........Acadian Seaplants

We also have:

"Americas's Choice" bedding
Water Fountains
Water Bottles